VSA AutoArt Racing

I have been involved in Formula Vee racing since 1976 when I built my Caldwell D-13 from a kit. I began racing it in 1977 but because of a dearth of money, only competed sporadically. A major accident after being rammed blind-sided by a competitor at the start of a race at Nelson Ledges in 1988 put me on the sidelines and I “retired” for ten years.

Greg 'Harp' Davis.In 1998 I had finally gotten the D-13 rebuilt and decided to participate in the 35th Vee Reunion at Road America, coming in 3rd in the Historic class race.

I took another hiatus after that, but then started racing SCCA regional events in 2003 and have been competing fairly consistently since then. I ran a Laser F-Vee for a few years, but did not like its handling and switched back to my original Caldwell D-13, which I have racing ever since.

Coming out of the Heel of the Boot - Watkins Glen 2005. For the 2013, 2014 and 2015 editions of the Formula Vee  Challenge Cup Series I came in third overall in the points each year.

For 2016 I am planning on competing in the Challenge Cup Series once again  and am hoping for another successful season.

My Team

I would like to take this opportunity to thank some of the people who have helped me in my racing career. Foremost, on the list is my wife and “Crew Chief” Maxine, for all the support and patience she has shown through all these  years. Others I would like to acknowledge for all their help are: Greg Garthwaite (since 1977!), Don Swander, Spence Thornton, Jon Pomeroy and (in memorium) Joe Wood and Bill Rose.