Gallery 2

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Gallery 2

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2E Cubed
2E Cubed – (29 x 13)  $130.00

2E Cubed – This triple imposition of Jim Hall and his revolutionary Chaparral 2E pays homage to the other-worldly shape of the car and the man who produced it. There is a wing on the struts at the back of the car that is out of sight in my interpretation, as I wanted to concentrate on the unique contours of the body. This is a large piece and it is dimensionally identical to the original watercolor. Re-signed and numbered by the artist, it is printed using the giclee (digital) process with colors and shading virtually indistinguishable from the original artwork. From a limited edition of 200. (29 x 13) $130.00

Father and Son
(12x8) $55.00

Father and Son – After admiring the 427 Cobra roadster in the foreground, a father and his son are temporarily distracted by a tee-shirt vendor’s wares. Printed using high quality archival paper and ink, this piece is re-signed and numbered in pencil by the artist. From an edition of 200, it is mounted on foam backer board sized to fit a 2-inch mat and a standard frame size. Priority flat-shipped. (12x8) $55.00

Damon at Speed
Damon at Speed (14 x 12)  $85.00

Damon At Speed – Damon Hill speeds down a straightaway in his Williams-Renault formula one car as the heat wave generated from its engine distorts the crowd in the background. This giclee (digital laser-jet) print is reproduced using archival paper and inks. Re-signed and numbered by the artist, it is USPS Priority flat-shipped. From an edition of 200. (14 x 12) $85.00

Gurney’s Green Hell
Gurney's Green Hell (15 x 7)  $55.00

Gurney’s Green Hell – Dan Gurney powers his Eagle formula one car down a rain lashed straight on the Nurburgring track during the German Grand Prix, 1966. The track is also unaffectionately referred to by drivers as 'the green hell' – especially when it rains. This giclee reproduction is from an edition of 200 and is re-signed and numbered in pencil by the artist. The print is mounted on foam backer board that is cut to a standard frame dimension plus 2 inches to facilitate matting if so desired. Priority flat-shipped. (15 x 7) $55.00

Portendo (23 x 19)  $120.00

Portendo – This is a portrait of the Marquis de Portago and his co-driver shortly before their crash in the 1957 Mille Miglia. 'Portendo' is Italian for portent and also a reference to the Marquis. The background is meant to suggest the chaos about to occur. This watercolor is one of my larger pieces and really stands out on a wall. This is the same size as the original, from a giclee edition of 200, re-signed and numbered by the artist in pencil. Flat-shipped Priority mail. (23 x 19) $120.00

F-1 Fazazz
F1 Fazazz (14 x 11) $60.00

F-1 Fazazz – Gilles Villenueve in his Ferrari F-1 car, at 10/10ths as usual. Dimensionally identical to the original watercolor, it is from a giclee (digital ink jet) edition of 200. Numbered and re-signed by the artist, it is mounted on a foam core backer board sized to fit a standard frame plus 2 inch allowance for matting, if so desired. Flat-shipped Priority mail. (14 x 11) $60.00