My artwork and racing lifestyles have been intertwined from a very young age. My grandmother was a semi-professional oil painter who inspired me as a youngster to try my hand at artwork. At about the same time period, go-karting was becoming popular and once I got behind the wheel of one of the agile single-seaters, my motorsport lifestyle began in earnest.

I dabbled at art for some time in a casual manner and also in my teen years tried my hand at automotive design. I entered the Fisher Body Craftsman Guild contest, winning honorable mention for the state of Tennessee for a model I constructed in 1968.

It was shortly after this that I started to work for Bob McQueen in Knoxville, TN. He was running a team of LeGrand Formula B’s and also, the owner of the team had purchased one of the ex-LeMans Ferrari P-4’s from Luigi Chinetti that had been converted into a Can-Am car (P-350). McQueen ended up moving to Atlanta and I eventually followed, working for him and crewing on Wilber Picketts’ Alfa-Romeo under 2 litre Trans-Am team in 1971. I also worked for McQueen on his national championship winning Datsun 2000 D production car in 1971.

Ever since my exposure to go-karts many years before, and inspired by the exploits of the great F-1 drivers of the era such as Jim Clark and Dan Gurney, I had been obsessed with racing a formula car. Being of modest means, I decided that Formula-Vee was a class that was suitable for me. It took a while, but in 1977 (ironically funded from an insurance settlement after a drunk hit me head-on in my V-W microbus) I finally got to a driver’s school at Nelson Ledges in a Caldwell D-13 I had built from a kit. Driving onto the track that day was a sensation that I will always remember and cemented forever for me my enthusiasm for racing.

Greg Davis (1978) in his Caldwell D-13.I finally settled down and got married in 1995. My wife Maxine, seeing some of my old racing artwork, suggested that I try to do some new things. Working on the first new image was so rewarding that it re-kindled in me the remembered enjoyment and excitement of creating artwork. Some of the same sensations involved in the concentration level required in trying to bring an image to life on paper seemed to me somewhat similar to that of driving a race car, and I found the experience very satisfying. The combination of my passions for racing and art have been intertwined ever since.

Coming out of the Heel of the Boot - Watkins Glen 2005.My artwork almost exclusively revolves around the sport of road racing. The reason for this is that I have to have an emotional attachment to my subject matter to rationalize the time and effort spent creating a work. The functional beauty of the race cars, the personalities involved and the long history associated with the sport has always inspired the artist in me.

My wife and I live in Westline, PA (pop.65) where my studio is located. I also operated an auto restoration shop for many years (Vintage Sport Auto) in the village across from the Westline Inn. I haven’t turned in my wrenches yet either. I have just finished the complete restoration of a rare 1963 997cc Mini-Cooper and have recently acquired a 1965 Jaguar E-type coupe. I also have a 1975 Alfa-Romeo GTV long term project in the garage and a 1964 V-W Deluxe Kombi bus that Maxine and I cruise around in on nice days.